Alkemi Studio. Creators of all things digital.

Alkemi Studio - ConverLight ChromoGenics Tablet Home
Establishing ChromoGenics flagship product


Alkemi Studio - Fair Poster
Dynamic visual identity


Alkemi Studio - 10A Business Card
Visual identity and digital presence


Alkemi Studio - Padelx Mobile Duo
Digital brand experience


We design and develop purposeful digital solutions. From brand experiences to advanced tools and connected systems, we create all things digital.

Working closely together with our clients allows us to understand their challenges as well as identifying new business opportunities. We use design and technology as tools to develop memorable brand interactions that respond to business needs. With an integrated team of designers and developers we manage complex tasks from end to end.


We apply analytical processes built around understanding the client, market and audience to every project - creating conditions for change and accurate solutions.


Our digital design systems act as a translator in the machine to human relationship. Strengthening the brands digital presence while facilitating user needs.


We champion a creative approach to development, where technology is a fundamental part of the innovation process. This allows us to create clever and sustainable ecosystems that amplify both the interface and interaction design.

Alkemi Studio - Carlsberg Pepsi Calculator Animation
Digital calculator and comparison tool

Carlsberg Sweden

Alkemi Studio - Sioox Ecommerce Desktop Duo
E-commerce platform


Alkemi Studio - Struqtur Duo Mobile
Visual identity, SaaS and digital presence


Alkemi Studio - World Wide Padel Desktop Court
Business website

World Wide Padel

We label ourselves as digital partners, guiding brands and agencies through digital transformation. Think we’d be a good addition to your team? We’d love to work with you.

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